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Professional Building & Site Design

Myria Design is a professional building design company that services SW Manitoba. We provide full design services for residential and commercial projects. We work directly with our customers and have the flexibility to offer packages that are suited for you and your project.



Ready to build? Have a look at our available pre-designed home plans and choose the perfect fit for you. 


Our plans are thoroughly detailed, ensuring you have less down time on your projects. With our attention to detail and strong construction background we eliminate many cost overruns that are typically associated with design.

We provide all of the certifications required for your project. Through our industry contacts, we look after architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil design requirements. We also work closely with your local building authority to ensure all bylaw requirements are met. 

We can provide realistic 3D renders like the ones shown on this webpage. This allows you to see what your project and spaces will look like beforehand. This reduces the amount of costly changes that take place throughout a typical project.

1910 - 402 10th Street Building 2019-02
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A sample of the 3D renders we have completed, including commercial, residential, and multi-residential designs.



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